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Call center

The inbound call center services meet the vast needs of our customers: from customer support to sales, to taking over and resolving complaints.

Customer Support

Excellent customer service to increase customer loyalty including account management, chat support, data entry, order processing, email follow-up, supplier liaison, and inventory management.

Virtual Assistance

Administrative tasks to run your business efficiently including documentation, research, email and calendar management, MS Office tasks, voice calls, and personal online errands.

Live Chat Support

Outsource your live chat to quality agents who can really talk to your customers. Don’t lose sales because you can’t respond to all your customer’s questions.

Debt Collection

Don’t write off bad debt without trying to use friendly debt collections services tailored specifically to your business.

Inbound Request

An inbound contact center is a must for any business that gets a lot of phone calls, emails, and messages from customers and prospects.

About Our Company

IntactVision is the leading outsourcer for start-ups. We’re here for the innovators, for the scalers. We’re here for the creators, for the makers, for the horizon scanners who saw it and then went out there and built it.

Bring us your disruptive start-up, and we will bring you the people, the framework, the mindset, and track record to power your growth.

Top-Notch Call Center & BPO Services in World

We believe that when our people thrive, our clients thrive too. When we all thrive, the world becomes a better place.

At IntactVision, this means:

  • We support our people to achieve their potential and contribute to their best ability through structured learning and career development.
  • We embrace diversity. We understand that people are all different and need different challenges. We don’t treat individuals as cogs in the machine.
  • We provide the environment, tools, and support system to thrive.

IntactVision & BPO Services in World